Sledge Shed Locks Covers

The typical padlock will no longer suffice to give¬†enough protection to your shed and don’t even think about using a combination locks.

Thieves are getting more and more sophisticated with their ways of breaking these locks. As youtube and videos sharing expands, many people are able to explain and share all the latest lock breaking techniques. No longer is this the area of the simple burglar but even your teenage neighbor down the street could decide that your shed is the one he wants to experiment on for his next lock braking hack.

How can you easily avoid this? Look for doors that have optional lock covers, these padlocks are only accessible from the keyhole at the bottom. In truth, they do take a bit of getting used to, and might require a welding to be put in place, if bought separately, but after 10 minutes they are fairly easy to use and completely worth the peace of mind they provide.

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