How I lost over 1000 car keys but never needed a locksmith.

When you grow up with short term memory issues, you can generally get yourself into all kinds of trouble. Forget just simply misplacing the wallet, how about the wife’s engagement ring! Talk about headache…

I’ve had my fair share of those headaches and issues, especially it always came down to losing things. At one point I used to have several key finders; for the wallet, car keys, house keys, important work folders, files, even a finder for the finder itself.

It seemed no matter how organized I was, categorically and obsessively placing items where they were supposed to be, I’d still keep losing them.

Yet, during all this time, I never once needed a locksmith. Well…not for an emergency anyway, see while I knew I had memory issues, I always made sure I kept a spare.

When I did in fact lose a key, an almost weekly occurrence, I would go an open up the spare key box and take the one I had left.

I would have 1 box for the “master key” and one for the spare. On the weekends id take the master key down to the one stop shop, or call up for service and have them come and duplicate the key.

True I did need to have my keys duplicated by a locksmith, but I was never locked out.

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